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Clothing | Becoming Smoke Free
Basic Home Repair

In addition to food and housing, we provide a variety of smaller but important supportive services for low-income people.

These include regular distributions of free clothing, help becoming smoke free, and basic home repairs for senior and disabled citizens.

Free Clothing

LCS distributes free clothing to low-income clients in need through a partnership with the Clothing Bank of Delaware. To learn more about this program or how to receive free clothing, contact us by email or call 302 654-8886.

Due to lack of storage, we are unable to accept donations of clothing at this time, and ask that you consider donating to the Clothing Bank of Delware instead.

  • Hope Lutheran Church the 3rd Thursday of each month - 1:00 PM

Becoming Smoke Free

LCS provides pharmaceutical vouchers for low-income people to get free gum, patches, and other medicines to help them quit smoking. This program has been made available through a partnership with the Delaware Quit Line and Alere Wellbeing. We were asked to join this partnership because of our experience in working with disadvantaged and low-income populations. Call the Quit Line to get started at 866 409-1858; or contact Franco Thomas for information at 302.654.8886 ext. 106. Click here to contact us by email.

Basic Home Repairs for Seniors

Senior and disabled citizens can get modest low-cost home repairs at below market rates. This program has been designed to help seniors stay in their homes safe, secure and independent. Repairs include fixing broken doors, windows, locks, railings, steps, etc. A sliding scale is used to determine rates. To ask about a repair, contact us by email or call 302 654-8886, ext. 104.










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