Lutheran Community Services, Wilmington, Delaware

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Helping Others Circle

Individuals who join the Helping Others Circle pledge at least $1,000 a year for five years. To make your pledge, or to learn more, please contact us.

To set up recurring payments or make a secure on-line pledge or payment, see our Donate Now page.



Gifts of Love

(Pledged $10,000 a year for 5 years)

Peggy & Ed Fasig

Ruth & Edmund Flexman                  Barbara & Dale King

Kelly & John Shone



Gifts of Hope

(Pledged $5000 a year for 5 years)


Janice Reissig

Johanna & Gerrit Salemink

Gifts of Faith

(Pledged $1000 a year for 5 years)

Pam & Jerry Adams
Marge & Fred Altergott                    

Julie & John Auger
Io & Thomas Betley
Phyllis Bierstedt
Coleman Bye

Stacy & Tim Dambaugh

John Day
Christine & Gary Ebert
Lorraine & Patrick Fett
Iris Fisher
Nancy & William Fuson

Emily Gibson & David Andrews
Susan & Gary Gooden

Nancy & Michael Goyda

Kathy & Rob Gurnee
Julia & Steve Hallock

Stacey & John Hartnett
Helen Hylenski

Kathy Ierien

Cheryl & Greg Johnson





Phil Keller

Lee & Ralph Klesius
Daniel Kline
Janet & Brian Kramer
Carol & Chuck Landry

Susan & Kevin Loney

Tara & Jeremy Magoon

Candy & Scott Maxwell                                  Claudette & Fred Melton

Barbara Melosh & Gary Kulik
Ruthea Miller and Joseph Mauro
Sandra Michel                                         Lisabeth Moore

Jud Orescan
Merrily & Anthony Schiavone
Sara & Gene Tupin

Linda and Karlis Ulmanis
Brian Ungerer
Ann & David Warner
Jean & Paul Warren
Nicky & Gene Zaiser


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